Maximize Your Time

The Power of 20 Minutes

by Christie Perkins

Copy of Germany 6-12 177Alright, we’ve all said this lame excuse: “I just don’t have time.”  In fact even I’ve said it a lot this week.  But as we know, the truth of the matter is that we don’t “make time.”

Blah, blah, blah.  I know you’ve heard it a million times.

“Having time” relies on the day being blind to the journey that leads it; never getting to what you really wanted.  “Making time” is prioritizing, planning, and squeezing.

If you’re a chronic lame excuse user- you’re going to like this tip to power up your day.  So, you want 24 hours and 20 minutes out of your day?  I’ll fabricate how you can.  Yes, fabricate.  You know, as in trick your mind into thinking that you actually created more time in your day.

I have used this tip for years to accomplish the things I dread.  And it all started with a dresser top.

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Understanding the Purpose of Death

In Love and Death

by Christie Perkins

December 2014 011I pass my Grandma’s house one last time.

A brief vision of days past flash through my mind.  A wave of emotion overcomes me.  I remember Grandma standing at the edge of her yard in her curled hair and up curled lips.  Grandpa in his navy blue pocketed shirt is waving with those knobby knuckles.  I watch out the back window of the van as we turn the corner.  Until next time.

It is just a vision, for Grandpa’s been gone for years.  Grandma’s only been gone a few days.

I fight the stinging of hot tears brimming in my eyes as I realize that today will be the last time I visit Grandma.  No more aqua rainforest soap, aloe vera plants for bee stings, or Tang coupled with amazing breakfast eggs edged with that secret ingredient.  (Seriously!  How could she not like her own eggs?)

All is gone.  But not forgotten.

I touch the corner of each eye to drain the tear and I take a breath.

“Bye Grandma, love ya.”  My thoughts cradle my memories.  Good byes are never easy but today I say my final good bye.

I believe the wave of emotion I feel is from Grandma whispering back one last good bye. The emotion I feel is not in the doom of her death but in the power of her love.  Until next time… as for now Grandma and Grandpa will stand at the edge of heaven and earth and watch over us until we see each other again.

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6 Tips to Overcoming Overwhelming Tasks


Crayon Peelings and Feelings

By Christie Perkins

All is quiet on the home front.2014 Blog 007

That concerns me.

So, I go looking for the reason for the silence.  I quickly scan each room.  Nothing.  Nothing. Nothing.  Then…

A pile of crayon peelings is staring me down.  We exchange glances- me and the pile of crayon peelings.  Actually, I’m glaring and it’s singing and dancing in cutesy little curls.  It’s oblivious to my frustrations.

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Self Investment

What Steals Your Time?

By Christie perkins

003Do you wake up tired? Heavy with the tasks ahead of you?  Do you have one of those beds that wrestles you at night and latches onto you in the morning? Seriously.  It’s got its days and nights flip flopped.

After a long restless night your hairstyle is fine (you didn’t sleep long enough to mess it up).  But let’s face it you’ve earned a major frazzled bedhead brain.

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