Let Some Things In Life Drop

Don’t Squeeze Time, Make It

by Christie Perkins

2015 st. george narrows and temple, etc 033Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to let some things drop.  And today it’s my blog post.  Life will pick up again and for a moment you will think that the world just might crash without your undivided attention.

Then, you realize a fine truth.  It’s not the world that’s going to crash… but you.  So, to save my sanity and live up to a more awesome me I am choosing to drop my very sketchy blog post and go to bed.

And you know what?  It feels great to let go.

I’ll be back next week.  In the meantime, why don’t you just drop something today and feel the burden lift.

Go ahead.  What are you going to drop?  Leave a comment below.  Inspire me.


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Share The Truths You See In Others

Build Up Those Around You With Words Of Truth

By Christie Perkins

Germany 6-12 072Gasp.   My little guy drew in his breath.

I was trying to listen to the speaker at church amid an acrobatic stunt.  You see, I was working on crushing my 4 year olds dreams of pursuing his talents… well, at least here on the church bench anyway.

I wasn’t even sure he was listening to the speaker because usually when the jaw’s flapping the ears are slacking.  I was anticipating that the lions and bears would be arriving any time soon. Continue reading


Finding and Keeping Love

by Christie Perkins


Spring’s coming. It’s time to find a man. Classifieds or are you in the comics? No. My lifelong love is in the obituaries. Next place for ideas is slave dungeons.

So.  I created this sign in high school.  And I am happy to admit I did not find my guy in the slave dungeon (although he may have found himself in the slave dungeon when he married me… sorry guy.)

I found my guy in the Human Interest section.  Oh yes I did.

He was checking off the list for me: good with kids, treats me well, always talks me up, most forgiving person I’ve ever met, and showcases a perfect bald head (which I discovered later in marriage… he fashioned the parking lot hairstyle for quite some time).

These are just a few of his perks.  Everyone has their unique set of perks and most likely no two are exactly the same.  Everyone is awesome is some way. Everyone.

And we all have our quirks.

I wrote this poem in high school… I think it can apply well to any relationship.

Continue reading

The Cancer Whisperer

Family History Helped Me Find My Lump

by Christie Perkins

004You know that telephone game?  The one where you whisper in someone’s ear and by the end it gets all messed up.

Yeah, well… that happened to me.

Although it wasn’t a mixed up message but some fabulous tumor instead.  It was passed from generation to generation, until it got to me all mixed up and messed up.  Some static message ended up clunking out 2 types of cancer and 7 tumors (thankfully, only five were malignant).

Oh, the cancer whisperer messed that one up. Continue reading