Change Your Attitude, Change Your Outcome

Just Tell Yourself “I’m Making Memories”

by Christie Perkins

“We’re just making memories!”

It was something Grandma always said when plans fizzled, plopped, or dropped; when the days course when askew or blew.

2014 Fish Lake with Paxtons 198

She always said it at the right moment.  At the flicker of a face scrunching episode she would immediately interject the distractor phrase: “we’re just making memories.”  The squished face always detoured and softened to a half smile.

“So true.” It was impossible to disagree and a little chuckle changed my perspective. Continue reading

Chemo Hair Gets a Compliment

Share Your Thoughts: Quit Keeping it a Secret

by Christie Perkins

baby blessing, etc 138“I love ‘urs’ hair Mommy.  It’s cute,”  my three year old said as he ran his fingers through my 1/2 inch stub of hair.

His timing could not have been more perfect.  I was laying in bed after a radiation treatment chalking up everything that I’ve lost control over since I started this cancer journey: money, my 1st graders empty reading calendar, my 3 1/2 year old who was still enjoying his soggy diapers, and selling and building a new house.  I was stressing about the day I go wigless in my new ward, and frustrated about my personal power cord fiasco from the chemo treatments…

All these thoughts were buzzing around in my head and bugging me. Continue reading

The Practice Prayer

Fine Tuning Your Prayers Requires Evaluating Your Prayers, First

by Christie Perkins

A practice prayer may look a little like this!What are your prayers like?

Check.  Yep, my morning prayers come as a little check mark on my to do list.  It’s a bad habit, really.  It’s a bad habit because the prayer is insincere.  It can be quick.  But, sometimes it’s insanely long.

I find my mind scuttling around in my to-do list.  It replays funny moments from yesterday.  And it dwells on, and hashes out, current frustrations.  It even wanders over to planning out the day’s outfit.  And sometimes it’s replaying scenes from a movie or dream.

And my eyes flash open.  I’m praying about this?  The prayer’s not pretty.  And I end up finding myself talking, not to God, but to myself.

Go ahead- judge me.  Diagnose me with some crazy explanation for my behavior.  Call it whatever you want.  But I call it my practice prayer.

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The Bad Idea of Wannabe Cupcakes


The “I’m Going To Be Like Her” Game

By Christie Perkins

001So, um yeah.

This is what happens when you play the “I’m going to be like her game.”  So, this disaster all began on a stormy night.

Well, kind of.  I came home from church storming into the house excited to make these delicious cupcakes.  Ok, ok…so, technically, it wasn’t night but broad beautiful daylight.  Now, I’m not much of a cupcake lover (go ahead, glare if you must) but things changed for me one Sunday. Continue reading