How To Keep Your Kids From Turning into Zombies

Keeping Kids Focused This Summer

By Christie Perkins

I have this thing with electronics. I hate how it sucks brain cells, personality, and turns perfectly innocent adults and children into daytime zombies.

“Time to get off,” I post zombies 027

“But we’ve only been on a few minutes,” a child shoots back. And once again I have to go into that spill about the time warp trap. “You realize that it contributes to poor reasoning skills.”  Minutes quickly become hours.

Electronics shut down and I can only hear the flutter of eyelashes blinking. Finally someone peeps out, “We’re bored.”

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The Blues of Cancer News

Accepting God’s Will

by Christie Perkins

So first thing I know I’m in a relentless dizzy whirlwind.  And I’m wondering is it possible to drown in a whirlwind?  And just as fiercely it spits me somewhere in the middle of a silent ocean; on a little rickety row boat I float.  There’s not a breeze, no water licks the sides of the boat, and there’s a shark looming underneath.  I can’t see it, but I feel it in that queasy feeling in my stomach.  My thoughts are loud, extremely loud.  And there’s no escape.

Germany 6-12 094

But I smile.  It’s fake.

I don’t want my kids picking up on my distress signal.  But the warning lights have been flashing for 15 days now.  The biopsy was 8 days ago.  The promised 3-5 day results are overdue.

It is here on this eery ocean I sit quietly and wait for a rescue.   I desperately need a rescue, any rescue.

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How To Be a Journal Entry Junkie

What Kind of a Journal Keeper Are You?

by Christie Perkins


So you’re thinking about by-passing this article?  Yeah, hold up. I caught you.

Blog Pics 005

Gasp. (That is actually the echo of your gasp… I could hear it.  Almost.)

I know.  I know.  But, I’ve done my fair share of gasping too when it comes to journals.  It’s pay back.  Let me share my gasps with you and we’ll call it even.  Just hear me out for a minute.

Caution: What you are about to read may be upsetting.  Totally G-rated, but a strong emotional pull if you’re a journal junkie.

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