Sure Fire Ways To A More Balanced Life

How to Find Balance After Chemo and Radiation

by Christie Perkins

Fish Lake with Paxtons 041Finding balance after a major setback can be frustrating. After I finished chemo and radiation I believed that life would spring back to “normal” for me.

Preconceived notions are quite humorous. Yep. Hilarious.

For the entire year after treatments I found myself laying on the ground more than I was walking gracefully on any kind of balance beam. Oh, I would get up but it wasn’t long before I was toppling over…

And dreaming peacefully about falsified energy zings & things. Then I’d wake up more behind. “Be patient with yourself,” my doctor would tell me over and over. I was tired of being patient. Hadn’t I spent the entire year before being patient? Continue reading

People Watching: Changing the Game

The Sport of People Watching

by Christie Perkins

My 2nd favorite sport is people watching. Yeah, you know, the sport of sitting in a public place and watching how people figure it all out. I’ve never really understood the technicalities of football or the thrill of shopping at a hardware store. Meh. But, I do like lame situations to engage in the sport of people watching.

spring break SD temple, midway, mormon battallion 037To people watch is quite entertaining. I’ve learned a great deal about life. Like how crusty words really sound. How parents handle mini pent up two year old tornadoes. How to scream and get what you want. Or have a meltdown when you don’t. How to strut. How to wear t-shirts mid-gut (but I won’t). Flop, flab, plop…nope. People watching is a tool to help us decide what to do in our own situations.

It can be quite inspirational. What effect does people watching have on you?

Continue reading

The Perks of a Dinner Disaster

Crockpot Dinner Flop

by Christie Perkins

Hm? I don’t remember getting chicken wrapped in butcher paper. But lately my memory was bobbing around only at the surface. Any recollections that ran deeper were quite sketchy. Chemo zapped brain cells took credit for all my memory loss moments.

I shrug. Flip, flop, crockpot 010

It’s the 2nd meal I cook in my brand new house.

This meal is so stinking easy it’s perfect for my lack of energy.  I just finished radiation the day before and the energy levels are drastically flopping and dropping. I lay down on the couch for a quick nap.

Dinner’s prepped, house is clean… there’s boxes but it’s clean, and I’m blissfully putting last year’s cancer kicking behind me. Ahh. I drift off to a much needed nap. The smell of new paint scrunches my face up in a smile.

I don’t know how long I nap but my nostrils are zapped by a stench. I scowl no, no, no, no! Not in my brand new house. I sit up and glance around the room. Immediately my eyes fall on the crockpot. It’s sweating. I wrinkle my nose.  Ewe, what is that? Continue reading