If Pumpkins Can Smile, So Can You

The Happy Pumpkin Parable

by Christie Perkins

So, I found this pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. He was smiling. No one got a hold of him and forced him to smile but by natures own undertaking he was sharing a genuine smile.

howperkyworks.com (2)A real, unforced, uncarved smile.

I just had to bring him home with me so I bought the little guy and I let his attitude rub off on me. Yes, I understand it is just a pumpkin. Not a thing with actual feelings, or moments of frazzle, bad attitudes, or glorious moments of pizzaz. I get that. But there was something magical about him.

His smile was catchy. He smiled when we fought, when we had a bad day, when the house was a mess; when my piano music was off beat. He wasn’t mocking he was just seeing the good when maybe I couldn’t.

I’m a fan of this genuine little pumpkin man.

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An Email From Heaven

Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can

by Christie Perkins

ROADTRIPLast year, at this time, I was only about 6 months free of cancer treatments. The toll on my body was still in full effect. I was tired but happy (as anyone knows who has ever gone through chemo knows that true happiness is the ditching of chemo treatments).

I knew my energy levels so I was certain that I wasn’t going to run the “pink race”. It’s a 5k/1 mile walk to raise money for local breast cancer patients. One of my cancer friends is the 5k head hauncho. But, the alligator tears from my 3 year old who wanted to run for mommy had me at the line up. Continue reading


by Christie Perkins

I feel a ray of sunshine splash in my life every time I watch General Conference. Messages of goodness and hope fill the dark corners of my soul. I am energized by listening to my inspired church leaders.

So thank you! (I’m sending that into the universe since I don’t really know their  exact mail slot plot).

howperkyworks.com (1)One talk specifically inspired me by Devin G. Durrant. He talked about the power gained when we “ponderize.” He suggested finding one scripture a week that you can write down and think about daily.

I invite you to do the same. No matter your religion, find a scripture and focus on it for a week. Place it where you can see it. Let it change, help, and guide you.

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