Survival Tips For Shopping With Boys

Shakes, Deals, and Lizard Tails

by Christie Perkins

(reposted from 7/29/2016)

2014 Horney Toad 008Shakes, and deals, and lizard tails (oops)… that’s what shopping with boys are made of.

Have you ever gone clothing shopping with boys? I don’t know what it is but there’s something mis-wired in their brains that turns them off to shopping. If I allowed it, there would be grown men and boys sitting and a tantrum-fitting on the floor of the store trying to induce a man made clothing tornado.

But, they don’t. They know better.

Me. Well, I could spend hours in a store checking everything out, trying on clothes and making the best selection. But, a major miscalculation occurs when one mom takes four boys shopping. Continue reading

Are You Up To The Out-y 500 Challenge?

by Christie Perkins

So I woke up with bags under my eyes. You know when you can feel the droopiness in your muscles and and thighs (yeah, because my thighs are flabby fat not muscles… something like that. Moving on). Well I was in this state when I hit the floor running.

You see, I was so excited the night before that I just couldn’t sleep. I night plotted about all of the things I wanted to purge my house of. It all started with the recent return of a big family vacation. It was a vacation that I lived on 6 outfits (and underwear and socks of course), a dumbed down but sufficient makeup bag, and a deck of cards.

And I was happy. So stinkin’ happy.

Are You Up To TheOUT-Y 500 CHALLENGE_ _Winter is dead.”When I got home the first thing I was repulsed at was the amount of clothes that stood there decorating the vertical space in my closet. They didn’t even look happy to be there. I was suddenly weighed down by all these little things that didn’t matter. I didn’t even miss them a smidge. And I ate half the month in vacation plans on six outfits (which was a very good choice by the way).

Wow. You know, it was time to change some things because I was suddenly tired of all the little insignificant things in life that weighed me down. I suddenly recognized all my energy that pooled into the things that didn’t matter. Things like unhappy vertical decorations on hangers.

Over the course of the last 3 years cancer has taught me this great truth. Things don’t matter. And if it is gobbling your energy and time and it is not building anyone up, it’s time to ditch the task… or item. So, I have started what I call The Out-y 500.


I can’t resist. It’s just too much joy I’m going to burst. Continue reading

How Not to Make Tamales

by Christie Perkins

How Not to Make TamalesSo. Um… I had good intentions. And as the saying goes “It’s the thought that counts.” And let me tell you I’ve had some really awesome thoughts. Ha. These thoughts never formalized into anything… not even a failure. And you know the power of failing. Some of my greatest strengths and funny memories have come from failing. Anyway.

I’m denying myself of some great opportunities here. Think of the stories I could tell.

Hm. Well. Here’s a classic recipe quirk of the infamous “Yeah, you know… I was gonna try that.” Here’s my version of tamales: Continue reading