Angels Among Us

4 year old Angel

by Christie Perkins


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy 4 year old boy has a sweet little friend going through chemo.  He has not missed one little prayer in his behalf.  I thought that after a few days he would move on with life and forget- getting wrapped up in dump trucks, crazy kid moments, writing on walls, and mutilating boxes with pens (don’t ask…I don’t even know what draws him into that.)

And if we forget to mention his little friend in prayer (which we have) he is grumpy with us.  He scowls and shoots out, “Hey, you forgot my friend.”  We tip our ears down, tuck in our tails, and repent.

Oh, we repent!

But, he is persistent and perfect in prayer.  He’s a four year old angel on a mission.

His prayers are always the same, “Please help my friend (calling him by name) to feel better. And I’m gonna ‘axe’ (AKA “ask”) my mom if he’s better when I’m done saying my prayer… Amen.”

And as always the same question jumps from his lips when he is done, “Mom, is he better?”

Perfect faith.

I wish it was that quick.

But, then I think.  You know what?  Yes.  It does work that way.  I’m certain a tiny stardust of hope floats his way.  It may only be a brief moment: a hopeful thought, a sweet dream, a moment of relief from aches and pains and losses and gains, or even Mom’s lips on his cheek.  All these little prayers- they are doing something.

And for a moment he feels better.

So, I’ve been thinking about my 4 year old boy and how much we need each others prayers.  How, at times, we are in need of angels and other times we are the angel.  And, really, it is the tiniest of things- like prayer- that are the big things.

He inspired this poem.



Christmas Angels

by Christie Perkins

Chemo through Christmas- this four year old boy
Only wishes for one thing: Really?  Who cares about toys?
He just wants to feel good, wants to play with his friends.
Oh, illness and sickness,
Will it ever end?

So, sweet Mama helps him to write up his list.
“Dear Santa please help me, I have just one little wish
I’ll be a good lil’ boy- I just want to feel better.
Oh, take my gifts back.
Even the sweater.

Oh Santa, oh Santa, oh Santa guess what?
You’ll make me feel better: I know in my gut.
You’re busy and dizzy and you’re up on your luck,
So, this year I won’t
Even ask for a truck.”

Then, angels in heaven break out in a smile,
Oh, sweet little boy, you’ve been good all the while.
For pain and for suffering, only God knows the reasons:
Each life has a purpose.
Each life, their own seasons.

So, God sends us angels to help us get through.
Special angels with missions who just know what to do.
And for you, little boy I have one special gift:
A four year old angel,
Not a prayer has he missed.

This Christmas angel is not on your tree,
This little angel is down on his knees.
He’s begging, he’s asking, he’s pleading your cause.
Little angels that know
The power of God.

He’s your guardian angel whose temper will flare
If someone forgets… to mention you in their prayers.
Sweet angels who trust in His helping hand.
And this little guy,
He’s your biggest fan.

So, if ever a moment, when you feel a bit brighter
Heaven is helping your burdens be lighter.
Angels in heaven or in earth can be found.
It’s often unknown,
But, they are always around.

And those who have angels who’s passed from this life,
They are special helpers with you and your strife.
They are angels who know of his healing power
Sending prayers to heaven, in your darkest hour.

These Christmas angels are not on your tree,
These little angels are down on their knees.
Their begging, their asking, and pleading your cause.
Little angels that know
The power of God.


Merry Christmas!  I hope you know how very loved you are.


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26 thoughts on “Angels Among Us

  1. Guess I’ll go redo my makeup now! Christie you are so talented! How sweet that you can see so much insight in small, ordinary, everyday things. I love reading your blog every Thursday morning.

    • Sorry ’bout that. Hopefully you didn’t have mascara on already- it’s a bugger to fix. Thanks Lisa for encouraging me on!

  2. Oh I am bawling!!!! My dear Christie you and your little guy have touched our hearts!!!! These little ones are such examples of faith and determination!!!! I have so much to learn from their innocence and love!!!! Thank you, thank you!!! Much love!!!!

    • And I KNOW there are more than one little special angels for that boy! These little boys are such gifts aren’t they?! Have a wonderful day- many more prayers your way.

  3. This is beautiful. I too believe in prayer and angels. What a special gift he is sharing with all of us. Thanks for your gifted writing and the reminder of those angels that serve us and how we can be angels to others around us. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! He is so dedicated to his prayers. I have a lot to learn from him. And thanks for ALWAYS being an angel in my life! I have felt your prayers many times.

  4. WOW!! Your little guy is so very sweet!! Thank Heavens for the littlest angels among us. I think we all need to be more angelic! Love you.

    • I think they are the ‘secret angels’ here on earth because, as you know, when they pray it is a full hearted belief that they will get what they want. To be more like a child!

  5. Christie,
    This is beautiful. You are a truly gifted writer and you have such wonderful perspective. Love you girl! That little 4 year old is in our prayers too!

  6. Well, I just got caught at my desk bawling like a baby. We have a sweet 4 year old boy at our house who, just like your’s, has not missed a single prayer for their little friend. And, just like at your house, we have a melt down fit if anyone forgets to mention the friend in their prayers. Oh to have the perfect faith of these little boys.

    Thank you for this post…it’s amazing! Merry Christmas!

    • I think that little boy has an army of angels all praying for him. It’s amazing to me how they are so set on those prayers. They truly know the source of help. What sweet little boys- those 4 year old angels! And, thanks Tina for commenting because it helps me to want to keep at this. Thanks!

  7. Wow! That is probably the most inspirational thing I have read this season. You truly are sharing the gift!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent! Our prayers are with that special boy and his family and your boy is truly earning his wings.

    • Lisa, wow back! I don’t even know what to say. Thank you for the compliment but I owe it all to God who answered many, many, prayers to work out all the kinks.

  8. Christie. That is absolutely beautiful. Definitely a tear jerker. I love each one of those little 4 year old boys and girls. They each have a special spot in my heart . Keep writing

    • Ah, Joan you are so amazing with those little guys and they loved you so much! They learned how to be an angel from you, I believe 🙂 Thanks so much!

  9. I saw this because Carl Perkins, who is a friend from my days in Juneau Alaska had shared it on Facebook. I am SO glad that he did. It is very tender and touched me very deeply. I have shared in on my Facebook page and I also shared it with my home teaching families this afternoon. Everyone has asked for a copy of it. LOVE it!!

    • Carl- what a guy!!! It’s a pleasure to meet you John 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it and am very flattered that you would share it with your home teaching families. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment John- it means a lot to know it touched someone outside my own little world.

  10. Such a great post, Christie, like always! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with all of us, and for sharing your little angel. He must have some pretty special parents teaching him by example. Love you guys.

    • No, he just came that way 🙂 Carly, thanks for commenting (…and reading my blog). We hope to see you guys sometime soon!

  11. Christie,
    You are so beautiful and where do you think your son learned this,from watching his sweet mama pray for many a friend. You are such an inspiration. I love reading your blog and this poem hit home. Sending all my love from st George

    Lauren Leavitt ?

  12. Once again, I loved this!! The faith of children is amazing and so motivating and inspiring! Your post was a great way for me to remember sweet angels that have been on my life! Merry Christmas!

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