Are You Up To The Out-y 500 Challenge?

by Christie Perkins

So I woke up with bags under my eyes. You know when you can feel the droopiness in your muscles and and thighs (yeah, because my thighs are flabby fat not muscles… something like that. Moving on). Well I was in this state when I hit the floor running.

You see, I was so excited the night before that I just couldn’t sleep. I night plotted about all of the things I wanted to purge my house of. It all started with the recent return of a big family vacation. It was a vacation that I lived on 6 outfits (and underwear and socks of course), a dumbed down but sufficient makeup bag, and a deck of cards.

And I was happy. So stinkin’ happy.

Are You Up To TheOUT-Y 500 CHALLENGE_ _Winter is dead.”When I got home the first thing I was repulsed at was the amount of clothes that stood there decorating the vertical space in my closet. They didn’t even look happy to be there. I was suddenly weighed down by all these little things that didn’t matter. I didn’t even miss them a smidge. And I ate half the month in vacation plans on six outfits (which was a very good choice by the way).

Wow. You know, it was time to change some things because I was suddenly tired of all the little insignificant things in life that weighed me down. I suddenly recognized all my energy that pooled into the things that didn’t matter. Things like unhappy vertical decorations on hangers.

Over the course of the last 3 years cancer has taught me this great truth. Things don’t matter. And if it is gobbling your energy and time and it is not building anyone up, it’s time to ditch the task… or item. So, I have started what I call The Out-y 500.


I can’t resist. It’s just too much joy I’m going to burst.


The Epiphony

So I have been trying to find the best method to dejunk the house. I know well that people are much more important than things and I would much rather spend my time with them than the house. Yet, I see so many things that don’t enliven me and somehow gobble my life satisfaction. So I came up with an incredibly simple plan to ditch the unimportant things in my house and to still be able to spend quality time with my family. Here’s how.

For 30 days I will get rid of (donate, trash, whatever) 20 things a day. Yep. Gonna toss out 500 things in the next month. Yes. I get that the numbers don’t add up but I’m aiming high and giving myself a little wiggle room and a few days off. (That gives me 5 days off to use wisely). Ooh, doesn’t The Out-y 500 just twirl your stomach into butterflies and smiles?

I’m only on day three and I am giddy over it. So there are a few rules and tips you should follow.


The Out-y 500 Rules and Tips:

1- Circle the date on your calendar for one month from today. Write the number 500. The goal and objective is to toss out 500 things on or before that date.

2- At the end of every day write the magical number on your calendar. How many things did you get rid of today? Tip: When you are getting rid of stuff and you come to a stopping point say the number out loud. It’s a little random but it helps you remember what number you are on. If you’re in the groove don’t stop at 20- keep going.

3- Keep an ongoing list of things you can go through: clothes, Halloween boxs, mismatched socks. Jewelry, paint cans, unused decorative stands. DVD’s, books, medication cabinet. Hot chocolate cups, dishes, toys, and projects with wishes. Makeup, hotel lotions, random useless collectible notions. Towels and bedding, and clothes used for working and sweating. Frozen food plops, junk drawer, useless devices and mops, etc… oh there’s so much more.

4- If you buy anything over the next 30 days and adopt it along with your other stuff, you must toss something else out (ok, not counting food and perishable items). It will not count towards your 20 items for the day.

5- Be amazed and live life with less stuff crowding out the good in your life. I actually looked at my skirts today and smiled. There’s not one skirt I won’t wear or won’t get used. That, my friends, was pure joy.



Join me in working a little on personal development while we are taking care of the physical things. I believe these things will form us into who we truly are meant to be. And who doesn’t want that? Let’s take it one step at a time. For the next 30 days also work on taking away just one bad habit and adding one meaningful thing to your life.


Take Away A Bad Habit

So I decided if I was going to be getting rid of things that I also needed to spend the next 30 days ditching a personal habit. It felt a little more satisfying to better the house and the housekeeper. So I have picked just one little thing to work on for 30 days.

Wanna hear it?

Ok. Don’t judge. I’m going to pray by kneeling by the side of my bed. Yep. I’m a bear cave pray-er. You know the kind… you get all comfy on your knees on top of your bed and throw that warm blanket over your head. Curl up and pray. Sometimes you sway.

And once in awhile the bear snort growl wakes me up and I pick up mid-sentence where I left off… or where I think I left off.

Yeah. So, I have some follies. And not that it’s bad to pray that way I just think I could do a little better and be a little more focused on the cold hard ground. And you know what? I’m already feeling the effects of a better effort in 3 days.

I like it.

So, what habit are you going to purge?


Add In Something Meaningful

You will recognize what good thing you want added into your life. You will know what it is because it will occupy your mind. At the end of day you will crawl into bed and a little something will creep in about what you wanted to do today but didn’t get to. You will tell yourself “tomorrow I will do that.” But as we all know, tomorrow doesn’t squeeze it in. So, it’s time to spend the next 30 days adding one good thing into your life.

For me- it’s reading text books. Go ahead and say it. I know it’s weird but I love it. You probably don’t. Find that one thing that can enrich your life and add it back in. Maybe it’s scripture study, or drinking water, or making connections. Work on it every day. See what life satisfaction you can find in the next 30 days with The Out-y 500 Challenge.

Ba-que! (That’s me bursting of joy from doing The Out-y 500. People tell you not to make up words when you write. Well, I just did. Twice.)

Can you feel it? Hope I got a little on you. (And just check out the bags and bags under my thighs!!!)


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5 thoughts on “Are You Up To The Out-y 500 Challenge?

  1. You are so amazing! You are such an inspiration to me, and to so many in this community! Love you! Praying for miracles!

  2. I’m totally doing this! We had some cute older ladies in one of our wards who called it “un-encumbering”. I have 30 days until school starts. This is perfect!

  3. Okay, so you got me excited. I’m a bear cave pray-er too, that will be one thing to improve. I love your challenge, and the list of things that I can start with, without hurting my feelings or Rick’s ( 😉 ). Useless cords that I have no clue what they are for, BOOKS – wow do I have some books to send to the DI. Anyway, beginning August 1st (I still have to procrastinate a little) I will start your challenge. I’m not sure if I’ll modify the number of daily throwaways or not. I will add running to my prayer challenge and I will also try to catch some of your positivity. You truly inspire me to want to be better. You continue to be in my prayers!! Thank you for helping me!

  4. Christie, only YOU could find a way to make de-cluttering a house so much fun!! I LOVE the way your mind works!!!! I think of you every time I smile at someone in the grocery store, “catch” my granddaughter doing something without being asked, & especially when I embrace my lumpy mashed potatoes! You touch my heart on a daily basis!

  5. I love this Christie! I’m adopting the Out-y 500 challenge! What great writing to encourage people to donate and trash the things in life that don’t matter. Love you sister!

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