Because the Little Efforts Count

by Christie Perkins

So the easy way out was not to write today. But, a little something keeps coming to mybecause-the-little-efforts-count head.

I’ll get to that in a minute.

But, today I want the easy way out. The easy way out means I get to crawl in bed and smile about doing nothing. Ah… nothing sounds nice. The smile is only external though because I feel a responsibility to do something that I told myself I would do.

And that is to post a blog every week.

Every hurried, flurried, and scurried week. Even if the paper piles are flapping, the kids aren’t quite napping, and the crumbs are succumbing to faux sandcastle sculptures. I still have to post.

It’s not a pride thing but a commitment thing. I post because I agreed to do so. And somehow in it all I come out just a little better in some way. There’s a little more peace and a little less personal let down.

And somehow I just can’t stop thinking about how doing even the smallest steps gets us somewhere. And maybe that somewhere is just a little more peace. Peace that I’m fulfilling my end of the bargain… even if I was the only one that’s holding myself responsible for the bargain. I’m still going to do it.

So, though my effort is small… incredibly small this week. I will give what I’ve got. If I come up a little short it’s okay because somewhere out there God sees the little efforts we make. And no matter how small, in His eyes they count.

Every effort counts.

And though I don’t always see it as good enough- someone else does. And that’s okay.

So. To all who find themselves a falling a little short on bargains, keep plugging along. Do the smallest steps you can do and find the treasures that come because you did a little something today.

Don’t succumb to your weaknesses. Let your strengths, not your weaknesses fight your battles. Just one little push today will get you what you want tomorrow.

Well… there’s my two cents. I’ll sleep a little better (because I’m now extra tired… thank you self bargain). And I’ll definitely keep that self commitment of no writing on Thursday (yep, gotta keep the reward commitment too).

Do just one little thing today and remember my all time favorite scripture: Alma 37:6-7 “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Today my little efforts may not be earth shattering but down the road it will matter.

Don’t ever give up. You are incredible, I hope you know that.



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