Dear Santa, I Want Hair!

Christmas Wishes

by Christie Perkins

Dear Santa, I want Hair!Two years ago I sat on Santa’s lap.

I only wanted one gift: hair. Chemo treatments stole my beauty markers. It ate my eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair (hungry little guy). The mirror check resulted in a search and rescue for any kind of roughage. My eyes would slip all over my face and head until it landed on my sole survivor eyelash. One eyelash on each eye.

It looked stupid.

I couldn’t wear the false eyelashes because it would irritate my skin. This slick look was getting old. I missed my long hair. So, I decided that this year I would ask for the impossible gift: hair.

What would it hurt, right?

The day after Christmas I did a quick glance over in the mirror. My eyes were caught on the light that bounced off sprigs of fur sprouts. It was hair, no doubt. On December 26th I was surprised with the gift I wanted most.


I had hair! I was so excited.

I expected it to grow fast and perfect. But no, it was slow and uncivilized. Frightened curly hair strands gripped my head tightly. “Guys, it’s okay, relax,” I wanted to tell them. I always wanted curly hair until I got it (yeah, you think you know what you want and then when the wish is granted it’s somehow not as glorious as you pictured it in your head). Anyway. My hair stages mutated through many famous characters. I was a poodle, Raggedy Ann, a chia pet, an 80’s permed mullet model, a Jamaican fro inspirer… and the bearded lady.

Yep. I had a lovely silky beard on the side of my face that I could French braid if I wanted to. I would listen for comments in the store that said “Is that a woman or a man?” No one ever said it but I had a new ability to read thoughts (or interpret them anyway).

Next time I’ll be a little more specific about what I want because Santa was generous. Very generous. Thank you Santa.


The Source of Perfect Gifts

This year as you are unwrapping presents under the tree think about the gifts that you have desired this year (better relationships, happiness, health, compassion). I think if you will look back you will realize that you may have blessed with gifts in abundance. They may have gone through various stages and the blessings may not be as glorious as you imagined. They will be better- especially if you take time to ponder what you have gained.

But if you are looking you will find just how many gifts you were blessed with this incredible year. It may take you by surprise in an overgrowth in places you never imagined.

What have you focused on gaining this year?

Of course this time of year the gifts gained have come from the true source of perfect gifts: the Savior. He is truly helps us see sprigs of growth… of course if we choose to take the effort to look. Do a check on your heart. What is it that you want most in your life? See today those gifts trickling in.

Look for it every day.

They may be difficult to see because you will not behold it as a gift. Recognize the gifts the Savior has given you this year. You will be excited to know that He hears you. I know He does. Though the gifts don’t come as we picture them to come they are wrapped up in struggles, successes, sweet moments, and sustained daily efforts.

And one day you will look in the mirror and you will see that although the process was slow, and imperfect, it will be the wish you hoped for except it will be graced with the hand of God who knows exactly what you needed. The gift will somehow be sweeter because it will be tied with the love of God.

Enjoy your gifts, especially the gifts tied to the love of God. As your gift back, recognize the giver of your gifts. He who gives the perfect gifts.

Sometimes we get just what we want. I got my hair. But sometimes we don’t. And when we don’t, just realize that there is a gift far greater that He is working on for us. And in the end it will be what we truly wanted.


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