Grateful for the Handless Stinkbug Twirl

Let the Little Things Change You

by Christie Perkins

We live for inspirational moments. Well I do, anyway.

Sometimes I will seek out inspirational quotes or messages online and find great delight in its effect on me. I rerun it over and over in my head.

But I especially love it when the day’s forward motion strikes an inspirational moment and I’m changed for the better. My own personal inspirational moment.

2015 Aug PLeasant Creek Campground 025So, I’ve had a thought that keeps pegging me: I wonder how many times I miss some inspirational moment? I miss it because I’m too stuck on the mundane task ahead of me. I miss it because I’m too busy thinking about what’s next. And I miss it because I fail to think about how it can apply to me.

And sometimes it catches me by surprise. I remember one instance nearly a decade ago that still influences me. It was such a little thing with big impact.

The Handless Stinkbug Twirl

In fact, I’d dare say its the little things are the most impressive. I’ve found it in a sweet little preschooler prayer. I only had a kid or two when I was snuggling up next to my little guy. As always we were saying our night prayers together.

It became the highlight of the day as the list rattled off about gratitude for the floor, the ceiling, the fire truck, swimsuits… and more. And on the messier bedroom days the prayers were longer. Oh, and he always prayed that he was grateful for his bed so he “wouldn’t have to sleep on the hard, hard ground.” (Yes, the word hard was always doubled.)

But one day he was thanking for tricks.

Thank you I can do this…” A shifting of the sheets spikes my curiosity and a pause follows. “…and thank you I can do this.” Ok, I have to peek. I plunk one eye open but keep my head tipped in prayer formation.

I find my little guy doing some stinkbug head twirling swirl in the sheets. His arms are outstretched with sunshine fingers and his eyes are scrunched tight. A handless stinkbug twirl.

Hm? I’ve never been thankful for that. I wonder what a grown up version of the handless stinkbug twirl would sound like? And a thought trickles in about re-shaping my own prayers. And next thing you know I’m praying for the little things I can do too. The things I have been taking for granted every single day.

I’m shaping into a better person because of a little guys prayer of thanks for the handless stinkbug twirl. And every time I think about that moment a smile busts out. I rerun that moment over and over in my head. It has shaped my prayers for a decade.

And I go back to my question: I wonder how many times I miss some inspirational moment? I could have easily checked off the list and gone on with my day but a brief moment of thinking made all the difference.


Find Inspiration Everyday

Why is it important to find inspiration? Inspiration changes our thoughts. There’s something magical that happens when we discover and apply a change to our thought patterns. I believe that our thoughts are the most powerful thing that determines who we are. How we think determines what we will become. By looking for direction in our lives in the little things we can change and become the big things that are in store for us.

We need to take more time to think. It will change us.

I believe that we can find a simple life changer every single day. Yep, every day. To be inspired is proactive. You can’t expect this little jewel to be gift wrapped and delivered to your door. No way. You need to search for it. Dig. Use a pick axe if you have to. And when you find it the treasure of knowledge will open up. You will be a little better because you found the day’s treasure.

What about you? What in your life inspires you? Search for it today, tomorrow, and the next. But, never stop searching. Let it ripple through a decade, changing the way you see life. But most importantly let it change you.

Be inspired.


5 Tips to Finding Daily Inspirational Moments

Begin your day with a question.  What is it that you want solved for the day? What struggles do you have? I suggest a “how” question?

Look for answers. Look for answers in the little things. And realize that you may not get the exact answer you are looking for… it may be something you prayed for last week. But answers come in the most unlikely moments. Recognize that fact.

Take time to think. Evaluate the world around you: peoples words and actions, nature, manmade items, traffic patterns, ant patterns, whatever. Just find something you can learn from the world around you.

Don’t turn away the simple answer. Don’t think that because it’s not an Einstein type answer that it’s not the correct answer. Often the simplest things (like gratitude for tricks) are the answer. A simple aha moment is still an aha moment. Run with it. Improve on it.

Prayer. I’m a big believer in prayer. Prayer is a driving force with amazing results. Be very specific about what you are searching for.


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One thought on “Grateful for the Handless Stinkbug Twirl

  1. Gratitude for the simple things in life help us to better appreciate the HUGE blessings in life! Sometimes it takes a silly moment during a child’s prayer to see the many blessings life has to offer!

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