Have To; Need To: Knowing the Difference

by Christie Perkins

Have To; Need ToDo You Know the Difference_Today’s going to be different. I’m dropping what I have to do for what I need to do. Today won’t be filled with perfecting a blog, crunching my time to meet a deadline, and stealing my midnight dream opportunities for what has to be done.

My brain and body is going to love this.

Sure. There will be things I “have” to do. Yes. I will eat. But, I’m not just going to shove food down the hatch to satiate the grumbling tummy so I can get to the next thing. I’m going to picnic on my already cruddy floors with my preschool child. We are going to yak about pigs, friends, and monsters. And we are going to put a few more crumbs on the floor.

We are going to connect.

I’m going to mop my floors. Oh, that’s been a neglected need for… well, let’s just say for a while. I’ll leave the details to your imagination (go hog wild). And, do you know what, I’m actually going to enjoy mopping this time. It will free me of burdens somehow, this simple washing of floors.

Today, I’ll treasure my thinking time.

I will make dinner. I will turn on lollipop radio and let the sunshine break down the burden of food handling. I will jig and swig my hips and flip my lips. I’ll get a few crazy stares. But, I won’t care.

I will add joy to the mundane.

I’m going to nestle up next to my kids. I’m going to explore their minds- see what I find. They will know that I love them.

My agenda won’t matter today.

Today, I will drop what I have to do for what I need to do. Fine tune the difference. It’s only a small shift of thinking or actions. Today I will live. I will laugh. And I will love.

Make today count, it will perk you up.


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