Let Some Things In Life Drop

Don’t Squeeze Time, Make It

by Christie Perkins

2015 st. george narrows and temple, etc 033Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to let some things drop.  And today it’s my blog post.  Life will pick up again and for a moment you will think that the world just might crash without your undivided attention.

Then, you realize a fine truth.  It’s not the world that’s going to crash… but you.  So, to save my sanity and live up to a more awesome me I am choosing to drop my very sketchy blog post and go to bed.

And you know what?  It feels great to let go.

I’ll be back next week.  In the meantime, why don’t you just drop something today and feel the burden lift.

Go ahead.  What are you going to drop?  Leave a comment below.  Inspire me.


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2 thoughts on “Let Some Things In Life Drop

  1. So I have dropped, like a bomb, exercise! 🙂 Some people say they fall off the boat of exercise and nutrition. Well, I am here to tell you I not only fell off the boat, but I BLEW IT UP!! I totally agree with you! Life gets crazy and your family, church, school and work drain everything out of you! And when that alarm clock goes off at 5:30 am you just Slap the snooze and go back to bed. Let’s face it, sometimes sleep is important too! 🙂 Love ya!

    • Hahaha! Well, I’m glad you’re wearing a life jacket…and can doggy paddle. It’s much better than drowning. Thanks for sharing! I keep telling myself it’s just a moment in life. Things are going to slow down, right? Until then- keep hitting snooze girl!!! Sleep definitely comes as a priority when you are exhausted!

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