My Love-Bucket of Thanks is Overfilling

by Christie Perkins

All I have is a measly little thank you. It doesn’t quite cover it. My heart is exploding into a million little warm love-buckets and all I can say is thank you. It seems so shallow to the depth of gratitude I feel.

The generosity of others is incredible.

So thank you. Thank you to all the anonymous and non-anonymous people who pray often, or pray once in my behalf. I feel those prayers. I thrive and survive on those prayers.


My Love- Bucket of Thanks Is OverfillingAnd you tell me “I don’t do much” or “I don’t do enough”. Oh, that’s what you think. Your little prayer is a ray of hope and sunshine in my heart. Your little prayer becomes a strength beyond my own, petitioning to a higher power who knows just what to do. Your little prayer gives me comfort. Your little prayer does so much more than you realize.

I see a multitude of nameless faces but feel the hands of many bearing me up. To most, I don’t know who to thank and it troubles me that I can’t personally hug you and thank you for carrying my burdens.

Thank you to all those who donated to a stress free family vacation. I had just paid a significant amount of money to medical bills and I found myself discouraged, frustrated that all our money went to medical. I endearingly call myself the kill-joy at our house and I felt bad. Little did I know that there were others pooling together a little fund. This surprise meant more to me than you realize. So thank you for allowing our family to take a little vacation.

You know when you drive away from the beach house and tears fill your eyes that its been a vacation well spent. And that is saying a lot for a mama who doesn’t even cry when she drops off her kids at kindergarten on the first day. I can’t help it, I’m just super excited for them.

Time was a gift that I’ve been begging for. This surprise gave me that time. My heart was full as we backed out and started the road ahead. The uncertain road. For a moment my life was on pause. I was in paradise filled with crashing waves, sunsets that slop into the water, sleeping, trudging, tromping, laughing, picture snapping, and non stop fun. No, I wasn’t leaving behind anyone: my family was tucked safely inside the car. But it tugged at my heart to leave the source of a great memory. I wanted to stay there.


My tears were just the bubbling over with my heart felt thanks for a little extra time with my family.

So once again, thank you.

Thank you to all the people who do all the extra things to help me and my family. The generosity of family and friends is amazing. I am overwhelmed at how incredibly blessed I am to know some of the most elite people on earth, and most of you don’t realize just how special you are. (Hint: if I know you, you are special. Cha ching! Feel it, know it.) Your hearts and hands are such a blessing to me.

And all I can think to do for you is to return the favor. I wish I could send you all on a vacation or raise money for your personal needs. But, I can’t. So I pray for you. I’ve prayed many times for the multitude of nameless faces. I’ve prayed specifically for people who I know are struggling with my news. I pray that you receive the blessings you most need. That you receive comfort. For I couldn’t have the blessings I need without your prayers. I pray your generosity is met with blessings from heaven.

Let them pour like rain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  My heart is exploding into a million little warm love-buckets.


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6 thoughts on “My Love-Bucket of Thanks is Overfilling

  1. love you christie. praying for you and thinking of you always. miss you lots! I’m coming up to visit you soon since you’re soo close to me now!! I love you!!

  2. Christy you are An amazing person, I pray for you often. Your example is that of our Lord and Saviour.keep your chin up and keep smiling.we love you

  3. Christy, you are such a ray of sunshine! I love how you describe your feelings. (Little buckets of love– Ca-Ching– so ‘you’!!)
    I love and pray for you and your sweet family. Glad you had this precious time together!!

  4. I’ve got my own personal love bucket for you that you married my son and have the 4 most delightful children. Thank you for being strong and so full of optimism. We know that God is in his universe and is mindful of our prayers for your complete recovery. We love you.

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