Organizing Tip: 100 Item Dash

by Christie Perkins

So I wake up every morning greeted by the mod podge dumpings just beyond the foot of my bed. Some of it is new stuff that needs new places, some of it old. Hello! The pile is a little more chipper than I am at it’s rude awakening.


Hey, I say then run away. I like you and all but my spaces are small, you look comfortable there next to the wall. But, it’s about time I combat my inner brawl.

You (pile of things) have out-stayed your welcome. I keep feeding you more and more things because… because, well, you look hungry. Yeah, that’s it. You eat everything that anyone feeds you, rejecting no offers (Dude! even dilapidated Christmas bows and useless empty boxes that stow… this pile just grows and grows!). You suck my energy then expect me to pick up after you. You are sleeping at the foot of my bed, and though you don’t snore your drooling all over the place. I like you. I do. I just need my own space of sunshine and grace.

And then the solution to the problem I got: you just need your own-grown name-plot spot.

Well. There’s a sunrise moment if you’ve never seen one. (And since I would rather close my eyes to it, it festered like an oozy zit… ok, I’ll stop this rhyming fit.)


So the solution hits me like a ton of bricks, the daily thing to do just sticks. It’s simple, it’s easy (and though the rhyming is quite cheesy) the method is mad.

Mad and bad (in a good way). Let’s do this thing, get on our way.

And though I’m not the runner type the message comes with quite a hype. For things that’s scattered here and there, for things that’s scattered everywhere, I have a simple trick that’s buttered mighty fast. Come try your luck with the 100 Item Dash.

And if you are feeling the craving for organization, here goes.


Rules for the 100 Item Dash

For things that’s scattered here and there
And all you do is stare and stare,
It’s time to kick it up a notch
In a matter of days you’ll see, just watch!

So, simply all you’ve gotta do
Is grab 100 items who
Are not where they belong

And put them in their proper spot
Grab the items, grab a lot
They don’t belong, then they are caught
Put away and jot their spot.
(Mentally is fine… yeah, I know it doesn’t fit this rhyme)

And you will see you’re having fun
Doing the things you should of done
And most of all you’ll be so stunned
When you do the 100 Item thingy-Run (eh…slash dash)
(Gotta do what works for the rhyme… you’ll forgive me just this time).


Wrap Up… (In Simplified Non-Rhymes)

Yep, that’s it. Just take 100 obnoxious (because they are bugging you) misplaced items and put them in their proper spot (then insert happy, giggy, feelings here). Work quickly and don’t overthink. Count each item and put them away: sloppy laundry basket errors, the pile to go downstairs, the random misplaced mirror. Simply put them away. You can take that DI box and put it in someone’s seat in the van so you will remember to drop it off. If it is normally something you would put away- don ‘t count it. If it’s something you have ignored for over a week you can take care of it and add it to your 100 items.

Here are a few items you may want to go through: drawers, purses, church bags, glove compartments, kids bedrooms, storage room (yikes), closet shelves, dumping grounds (kudos if you don’t have one… and I’d like to meet you please). Paper piles, secret winter clothing stashes, toys, yard, dishes, cupboards, mail drop spots. You can even do your pantry, movie or game stations, or garage.

There are endless possibilities.

You may find that most of these things may just be inches (so maddening) from where they belong. Still count it if you have to put it away, unless you typically always do. I know the stuff that I ignore- focus on those.


Involve the Other Household Members

It’s simple to involve the kids. I like to do a simple shout out of “Everyone put away (magical number) items.” I typically like to do 15-25. I have to set the timer because that’s what ignites the feet and seat. They can go anywhere in the house, but usually their bedroom works well enough.



Of course you can do a 50 Item Dash. Or, once you feel completely caught up, you can do it on just one day of the week. Do what works for you. But whatever you do, just give it a try. I think you will love it.


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