Share The Truths You See In Others

Build Up Those Around You With Words Of Truth

By Christie Perkins

Germany 6-12 072Gasp.   My little guy drew in his breath.

I was trying to listen to the speaker at church amid an acrobatic stunt.  You see, I was working on crushing my 4 year olds dreams of pursuing his talents… well, at least here on the church bench anyway.

I wasn’t even sure he was listening to the speaker because usually when the jaw’s flapping the ears are slacking.  I was anticipating that the lions and bears would be arriving any time soon.

A Heart Felt Gasp Versus The Stomach Flop Gasp

So, if you must know, this is how the story goes leading up to the gasp:

He was mid trapeze when the gasp occurred.  I guess, technically, it was natural spot to gasp.  I’ve heard gasps before.  You know, like the times (yep, more than once) he found his artwork in the trash plopped with glop on it.

Gasp.  “Who threw my picture away?”

(Silent gasp.)  “Um, about that…” I would say slowly.  “You weren’t done with that? Let’s make a new one.”  Ugh.  This kind of mess is worse to clean up than dirt stamped footprints across a just mopped floor.  This one grabs your heart with fingernails and digs into it.

Stomach flop… face slap.  At least footprints are cushioned with rubber.

But this time the gasp was different.  Much different.

In the case of the trashed art project, it would normally be the feeling in his stomach that drew in his breath.  But, I was certain that this time it was the feeling in his heart.  The words exploding from his mouth was my dead give away.

He recognized a phrase that we have sung about:

“I am a Child of God.   That’s my favorite song,”  his eyes burst with sunshine.  Then added, “I love Heavenly Father.”  His eyes flashed up at me and he blinked with those daddy long leg lashes.  A little smile rested on his face.

And for a moment he was still.

(Silent gasp.) My heart flitted for a second.  I like that.  Keep going.  Tell me more.  I didn’t say anything but I wanted to.  I wanted to hear everything that he knew.  But, I was certain no one came to church to listen to our chatter so I just soaked it in.

The stillness only lasted a slick, quick, moment then the stunts began again.  As anyone knows, the show must go on.


The Heart and Mind Recognize Truth

But I realized something very significant during this circus act.  Little truths have a lasting effect on someone.  He knows and feels his connection to his Heavenly Father.  He recognized it and it ignited something in him.

I realized that my children (and others) need to hear more truths about themselves.  I needed to be better about filling their head with lasting truths.  That they are smart, good, talented, funny; kind.   I think it all the time.  But, I’m not so sure I say it as often as I should.  It’s so important to tell them because I believe a heart and mind always recognizes truth.  Even though at times we may push against it, like I did.


Rejecting Truth During Chemo

“You’re beautiful.”

It’s a phrase I heard over and over when I was at the peak of ugliness.  Seriously.  I literally had one eyelash on each eye with itty bitty sprouts on my bottom lashes.  It looked stupid.

I had no eyebrows.  No hair.  And I had a horrific scar that buddied up and influenced my self esteem.  It was a terrible friend.

But, I would hear it over and over and over: “You’re beautiful.”

Uh huh.  They had to be lying.  When I was normal(ish) looking I never heard the comment to boost my self esteem:  “You’re so normal looking.”

Not even once.

So, I found this comment hard to believe… And then it dawned on me.  They weren’t seeing me for what I was but for who I was.  They saw me for whatever efforts I made to make the most of my situation.  And to them that was beautiful.

And you know what?   When I finally came to realize the truth I could look in the mirror past ugly and see me.  So, thank you for telling me I was beautiful when I couldn’t recognize it.

I needed it, even if I rejected it.


Share All of Your Good Thoughts.  Don’t Hold Back.

My husband has always had this thing about funerals.  He doesn’t like that everything good is said about them after they are gone.  He always asks “Why don’t we tell them while they are still here?”  If only death would cooperate so well.

So, next time you think a positive thought about someone- tell them.  Think of someone and tell them now.  Interrupt if you must.  Yes, it’s that urgent.  Let them know that you see and think something good about them.

Then one day when they really need it, they will recognize the truth of what you told them.  And their heart and mind will be in unison and they will know the truth about themselves.

And they will gasp.  And they will say that’s my favorite saying about myself.   Their eyes will burst with sunshine.  They will recognize the gifts of God that they have. And they will believe the truth.  And they will be a power for good in this world.

And how we will need them.

And a silent gasp will follow as we step back and admire the goodness there is in the world amid all the acrobatics stunts.



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3 thoughts on “Share The Truths You See In Others

  1. Just want you to know that we told you how beautiful you are because you ARE beautiful- Inside and Out! You are such a good example of love and kindness and I have always been jealous of your outer beauty. 🙂 Thanks for being a blessing in my life!

  2. My grandma ALWAYS said that was one of the worst things a person could do was to think something nice and not say it. I think that’s why everyone felt so good around her. BTW, you ARE and WERE beautiful! FOR REAL.

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