Caught Up In The Rush?

by Christie Perkins

The busy inns turned away Mary and Joseph. Too much going on. What they didn’t realize was that there was a special little package arriving. A package that even they would need: the Christ child and His gifts to us.

If only they knew they simply needed to just let Him in. Yes, the inns were full (much like my own Christmas rush days- except full of things to do). What I didn’t realize is that I have to “make room” for Him.

It doesn’t just happen all on it’s own. I learned this lesson last week. Continue reading

Dear Santa, I Want Hair!

Christmas Wishes

by Christie Perkins

Dear Santa, I want Hair!Two years ago I sat on Santa’s lap.

I only wanted one gift: hair. Chemo treatments stole my beauty markers. It ate my eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair (hungry little guy). The mirror check resulted in a search and rescue for any kind of roughage. My eyes would slip all over my face and head until it landed on my sole survivor eyelash. One eyelash on each eye.

It looked stupid. Continue reading

Making Spirits Bright

by Christie Perkins

Tis the season for making spirits bright. The message is simple: Love, Laugh, Lift. (4)LOVE. See the non-obvious beauty in others. The things that we like about people are easy to see and love. Get to know someone’s true beauty. The best way to do that is to knock down our judgments of others by thinking good things. When I was in 4th grade we read a book about a boy who could read people’s thoughts. I was gullible enough to think that maybe someone really did have that special power.

And it had me on-guard every time I was around people (though I never cared if spiders could hear my thoughts, still don’t care). Continue reading

Testimonies of the Saviors Birth

The Nativity

by Christie Perkins

December 2014 035Over 2,000 years ago a babe born in a manger changes our lives today.  This babe who knew and followed the will of his Father in Heaven is the example that we must follow.  Only He was the perfect example.

Heavenly Father, of course, knew this.

But, did the Savior know who he was?  I believe that he had to come to understand who he was with each perfect step towards our Father in Heaven.  He surely did not know it all at once but as the scriptures say “line upon line, precept on precept.”  At what point did he fully understand his role for all mankind?  I’ll never know.

I marvel at the testimonies of those who did know.  How they must have strengthened him and helped him understand his divine role.  And how the record of their testimony strengthens our own.  Each person in the Christmas story also had their own divine appointed roles.  As each of us do.

The message is simple but I have found insight into how to strengthen my own testimony.

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Angels Among Us

4 year old Angel

by Christie Perkins


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy 4 year old boy has a sweet little friend going through chemo.  He has not missed one little prayer in his behalf.  I thought that after a few days he would move on with life and forget- getting wrapped up in dump trucks, crazy kid moments, writing on walls, and mutilating boxes with pens (don’t ask…I don’t even know what draws him into that.)

And if we forget to mention his little friend in prayer (which we have) he is grumpy with us.  He scowls and shoots out, “Hey, you forgot my friend.”  We tip our ears down, tuck in our tails, and repent.

Oh, we repent!

But, he is persistent and perfect in prayer.  He’s a four year old angel on a mission.

His prayers are always the same, “Please help my friend (calling him by name) to feel better. And I’m gonna ‘axe’ (AKA “ask”) my mom if he’s better when I’m done saying my prayer… Amen.”

And as always the same question jumps from his lips when he is done, “Mom, is he better?”

Perfect faith.

I wish it was that quick.

But, then I think.  You know what?  Yes.  It does work that way.  I’m certain a tiny stardust of hope floats his way.  It may only be a brief moment: a hopeful thought, a sweet dream, a moment of relief from aches and pains and losses and gains, or even Mom’s lips on his cheek.  All these little prayers- they are doing something.

And for a moment he feels better.

So, I’ve been thinking about my 4 year old boy and how much we need each others prayers.  How, at times, we are in need of angels and other times we are the angel.  And, really, it is the tiniest of things- like prayer- that are the big things.

He inspired this poem.

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Gifts that Matter

Timeless Moments

by Christie Perkins

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went Christmas tree hunting.  Well, technically, my husband did the hunting and we just traipsed behind him…WAY behind him.  I expected less snow and mud, not that there was that much but I didn’t bring my boots.  My steps were more careful.

He found a tree pretty quick.  I liked it except for the big hole in the back.

But, it was pretty.  And like a magnet he found another tree.   He’s good at this.  Immediately I decided, “Let’s do the other tree.  It’ll work.”

I was done.

“But, it’s only been 20 minutes,” he said.  Exactly my point.  The perfect Christmas tree in 20 minutes.  How much more perfect than that can we get?

But I see how roles were reversed.  If it was a shopping trip I would be telling him the same thing (and I have)… but it’s only been 20 minutes!

He continued shopping.  I puppy guarded the tree like my husband puppy guards a clothing rack while I shop.  You know the motive of looking busy when you’re just plain bored.  Yep, I just used the word “bored” with a family tradition.  My to-do list was stealing my fun.

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