Thanksgiving’s More Than Just Giving Thanks

by Christie Perkins

Thanksgiving habit immediately kicked in. I woke up automatically thinking about what I was most grateful for: my husband, my kids, my extended family, the offering of stuffing but the right to refuse it, and grateful for another day. I’m always thankful for another day (and I always refuse stuffing).

Then it hit me what the true meaning of Thanksgiving was. The why we celebrate came with more force.

thanksgivings-more-than-just-giving-thanks3Thanksgiving isn’t about just shooting off a list of things we are thankful for. Though, yes, it’s a great practice. But, it’s so much more. And since I couldn’t shake it, I thought I would share why my heart appears to be swimming in jacuzzi’s water.

Ah. Feels so nice. (I hope your heart gets all bubbly warm too). The message is simple.

That first Thanksgiving was symbolic of two very different people who learned to get along. Two people who would not have become friends on their own but circumstance brought them together. It was about struggling and depending on one another. Needing one another. Especially the pilgrims needing the experience of the Native Americans. It was about learning from one another and breaking down walls of pride. It was seeing the value of someone different and realizing they, too, have something valuable to offer and share.

It was an amazing story of pushing past differences and building a bond.

Thanksgiving was a feast that celebrated a bountiful year, preceded by a very difficult year. It’s about learning, and loving, and sharing lifelong secrets. The mastering of skills and sharing insights to build those around you up. Making others successful.

So today may we look at our differences and use them to strengthen one another. Because we truly do need one another. Let us see the value of people who are different than us and gain from their valuable life experiences.

May we push past differences and bond. Because today is Thanksgiving and it is a day we will feast on our year of plenty. We will see and commit to loving our differences because our differences are actually the thing that will strengthen our relationships.

Let us not ever revert and cause a war with each other, but always build and simply adore each other. Love your differences.

Let today and the rest of the Christmas season (ok, ok… forever) emulate that first Thanksgiving. Let’s see the best in others and be the best. After all, that’s the key to putting a little more perk in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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