Keys to a Successful Turkey Day

 by Christie Perkins

5 Keys to a Successful ThanksgivingI love turkey day. I didn’t used to. Thanksgiving was a holiday that had a table full of delicious food and all I could think about was the stuffing. I hate stuffing. Someone would always try to get me to “just try it.”

I have tried it.

It’s exactly why I despise it. I don’t like marinated chicken broth bread. Ok, so I know that 99.967% of the population likes stuffing so this post is not coming on strong for anyone. In fact I probably dropped a few followers with the line “I hate stuffing.”

Forgive me. (Come on back now… if you eat it I’ll just avoid smelling your breath.)

Anyway. We all have things we love about Thanksgiving. Things that melt our smile and make us all gushy (maybe it’s the squishy bread crumbs that does it for you). But, there can be an element of dislike that turns your Thanksgiving Day upside down. So, take note of a few key steps that will guarantee a great Thanksgiving… even if you don’t like the stuffing.


5 “Keys” to a Successful Thanksgiving Day

Be Quirky. That’s right. Being quirky involves making memories. Don’t just sail through the day on autopilot or in zombie zone. Boooooring. Cause a little rambunctious ruckus. If you normally don’t then all the more reason to do so. Play. Have fun. Think about your favorite memories. Bet your favorite ones didn’t include Mr. Blend Into The Floral Couch Cushion… unless you start up a game of cheerio chucking. Fifty points if it actually makes it into the snoring relatives mouth.

Be Smirky. Well, maybe not “smirky” but smiling is great. Greet everyone with a smile. Especially that relative you don’t really know all that well. Think of the little ones too. They especially need your smile. Smile at someone you don’t normally pay attention to. Make their day.

Be Work-y. That’s right. Don’t go run and hide the minute work walks in. Lifting loads makes happy hosts. And lets face it 15 minutes of helping will not ruin your entire day. In fact it will magnify it. Try it. And your host will love you for it. Do that extra little something this year.

But most of all…

Don’t Be a Turkey. Don’t be difficult. Thanksgiving day is a day to enjoy. Put out your best self. Things won’t go your way, that’s a guarantee. So, when the day shifts to something you don’t like, let it go- and go with it. Just remember that on Thanksgiving the turkey always gets roasted. When you find that your thermometer is about to pop. Step away. Cool down and wipe off that frown.

And of course…

Be Perky. Yep, called that one. After all we are hanging out at Choose to be cheerful (and yes, I will work on that with the stuffing).


Happy Thanksgiving!

So, in my opinion, if you want a fantastic Thanksgiving follow these key steps to a great holiday with your family. If you don’t, you’ll be wishing you did (or at least the relatives will be wishing you did).



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2 thoughts on “Keys to a Successful Turkey Day

  1. Great Job Christie! Making memories is so important. Strengthen your relationships with those around you! Smile, a simple smile can bless lives.

  2. Great advice! It’s so easy to get caught up in the cooking & trying to get everything to the table on time, that I tend to forget about the visiting part! I’m going to focus on a perky Thanksgiving this year!!

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