Self Investment

What Steals Your Time?

By Christie perkins

003Do you wake up tired? Heavy with the tasks ahead of you?  Do you have one of those beds that wrestles you at night and latches onto you in the morning? Seriously.  It’s got its days and nights flip flopped.

After a long restless night your hairstyle is fine (you didn’t sleep long enough to mess it up).  But let’s face it you’ve earned a major frazzled bedhead brain.

But then, maybe you did sleep fine and it’s your clock that you battle.  Did some magic fairy gift you with one of those annoying silent alarm clocks?  You know the kind.  Where no matter how late you stay up it wakes you at the exact same silent moment: 6:23 a.m.

It doesn’t always play fair…this silent clock.

Oh!  If only you could throw it at the wall… but instead it throws your feet at the floor pounding you with the days tasks that lie ahead.  It’s as if your very soul is connected to that clock, locked to its demands.  Soul mates.

Oh, great.

Determine Your Day

Whether you sleep well or not, your day takes you on a journey.  Sometimes it drags you, sometimes it whizzes past you in a forceful wind.  Other times it battles you and you feel defeated at the days end.  And, maybe the day is too smooth, gliding you along.  But somehow even these smooth waters drown you when you come to a complete stop.

Why is this?

Because we find ourselves as puppets to the days demands dancing to its beat not our own.  Some other force determines the dance steps and even the beat.  It’s this fighting against our own desires that wears on us.

We just never seem to get to the things that we really want to.

But when we stop and realize one big thing, that we are the puppeteer- that changes things.  We actually have a say in our day, or at least part of it.

Yes, I get it! There are people to please and schedules to squeeze; ideas to select and misguided paths to redirect. And not to mention the car that reeks… you’ll have to get to next week.  In all of this, there’s someone major who’s being overlooked here.

Yep.  You.  You are your own picked on, neglected, child.

It’s time to quit playing favorites to the days demands and plan for a little daily me time. Seriously, you’ve been acting up.  You need your attention.




Take Time For Your “Me” Poem

by Christie Perkins

I wake up each day, tired and worn.
Nothing is changing- I’m feeling forlorn!
Same old thing, day in and day out
Help me please, I must find a new route.

Life isn’t bad, it’s just kind of boring
So…take the time to do something adoring.
Whatever it is, taking time for yourself,
Doing this thing will bring mountains of wealth.

Investing your time is an important thing,
And a lot of happiness it can and will bring.
But time not spent on yourself can be bad
And often not taken can make you feel sad.

So today I will decide to take some “me” time
And discover the unfinished tasks will be fine.
Just a small moment is all I will ask-
Though small, its significance I just cannot mask.

That “me” time can bring new light to your eyes,
A bounce in your step each time that you rise.
The time given to others will have much more spree,
If you only will learn… to take time in your “me.”


How Much Time Should I Invest in Myself?

I love this quote by Abraham Lincoln- it applies well to self investment.  “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening an axe.”  Forget the days demands for just a moment and sharpen yourself up.  Not that you need six hours…in a perfect world right?  But even an hour will do.  And 10 minutes isn’t enough.  To be effective with this, you have to schedule it in.

You will find a more powerful you in all that you do.  I guarantee it.

So?  What do you say, with a little self-investment you’ll find your once blustery day now has a breeze instead.  The day battles you but your armed with tools to fight back (self investment is a powerful tool).  Smooth sailing is now equipped with a life jacket because you actually took the time to put it on.  You won’t drown, or even tread water, but float happily ever after the day.

And who knows, with a little self investment maybe you will now wake up with bad hair but bedazzled instead.  And it is possible that your silent alarm clock won’t be so stinking loud.


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2 thoughts on “Self Investment

  1. You’ve made another fantastic point! Way to go Christie! We often get so busy we neglect the ones that mean the most to us. Sometimes that most important person is ourself. We need to have our own lives sharpened up so we can see others in their struggles, and know how to reach out, lift, serve, and strengthen them in their daily hardships and challenges.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. You are so right about taking some me time. We all get caught up in the busyness of life and need to remember to stop and smell the roses along the way. Life is full of great adventures and struggles but so worth living. Keep it up. You are a a great example to me. May we all find the strength and energy we need to make a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with by taking a moment to recharge our batteries too.

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