Testimonies of the Saviors Birth

The Nativity

by Christie Perkins

December 2014 035Over 2,000 years ago a babe born in a manger changes our lives today.  This babe who knew and followed the will of his Father in Heaven is the example that we must follow.  Only He was the perfect example.

Heavenly Father, of course, knew this.

But, did the Savior know who he was?  I believe that he had to come to understand who he was with each perfect step towards our Father in Heaven.  He surely did not know it all at once but as the scriptures say “line upon line, precept on precept.”  At what point did he fully understand his role for all mankind?  I’ll never know.

I marvel at the testimonies of those who did know.  How they must have strengthened him and helped him understand his divine role.  And how the record of their testimony strengthens our own.  Each person in the Christmas story also had their own divine appointed roles.  As each of us do.

The message is simple but I have found insight into how to strengthen my own testimony.

Mary Ponders

I think of his mother, Mary.  Imagine the testimony she had of her tiny baby.  What a powerful witness.  I would have liked to have heard her testimony.  But, as in Luke 2 it says she “kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”  Hers would have been a sacred testimony.  She knew how special the Christ child was.

Without a doubt.

To think about, ask questions, and wonder is a great way to find truth.  If seeking the truth about God- go to the source.  He will answer you.  And in the quietness and stillness answers of truth come.  This year I hope to take more time to nurture my testimony as Mary did.


Joseph Trusts

I think of Joseph, chosen to be His father.  A privilege.  But, I think the weight of his responsibility must have been overwhelming at times.  I’m sure his circumstances propelled him to trust more fully in his Father in Heaven.  I wonder if he had fears?  For he knew he was raising the Son of God.

Unknown steps can be hard.

But, I also think that Joseph had to have known that the Father trusted him.  And for me, that would raise some serious self doubt.  Only because I know everything I am not.  Maybe Joseph, too, had to overcome weaknesses.  Though, I have always pictured him strong.

From Joseph I’ve learned that trusting God (who in turn trusts us) can bring a powerful witness of the Savior.  What an amazing earthly father he must have been.


Shepherds Obey

I think of the shepherds who were just tending their flocks.  How tedious their jobs must have been.  They were simply doing what needed to be done.  They were obedient.  (And they probably didn’t complain much either.)  I’ll bet that they spent many hours pondering in those fields.  And maybe because they tended to the simple things, possibly even the mundane, an angel bears witness of the Saviors birth.

I too have found that obedience to even the simple things brings its own witness of the promises of the Savior.


Wise Men Act

I think of the wise men who studied, believed, and knew the signs of His coming.  Faith spurred them to seek out and find Him.  They were wise, yes, because of their study but faith filled actions to seek out the child crowned them with the precious knowledge they sought to find.  Like the scriptures say- faith without works is dead (James 2:20).  What a great example the Wise Men were.

Let us be more like the Wise Men and not just know of the Savior, as that is important, but to seek out and find him by moving towards him.  Act on what you know.


Angels Bear Witness

And the angels- of course they knew.  They were the special messengers bearing witness of truth.  Sharing what we know strengthens others and ourselves.


Seek the Savior, Still

December 2014 019Christmas is here.  But, the search to find and know Christ is not over.  Let us seek to know the Savior more fully this upcoming year.  Take it line upon line, precept on precept.

And as He becomes more real to us I believe we will feel Him more.  We will feel Him warming our hearts and feel his arm bearing us up in our difficult times.

I add my testimony that He is real and He will help us and lift us up if we do our very best to come to know Him.  Even little steps get us there.

I have felt Him very close in my trials.  I hope to better ponder, trust, obey, act, and bear witness of the role and blessing of the Savior in my life.

I am grateful for the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  May we all #ShareTheGift for more than just the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!



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  1. You have a beautiful testimony! You ARE sharing it and uplifting and strengthening many others in the process. You are one of the MOST Christlike people I know! I love you and am so proud of you in sharing you talents to bless lives of those around you!

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