The Holes of Overthinking and Procrastination

Hang a picture today.

Hang a picture today.

I have a confession: I’m a bit of a procrastinator, a perfectionist, and an overthinker.  Bad combo, I know.  It’s why it took me several years to get pictures on the wall of my first home.  I wanted to hang my pictures only once.  I didn’t want to leave a little hole if I decided to move it (and yes, I’m fully aware of wall putty…but I’m also a procrastinator).  It’s a disease, really.

This disease is why I’ve been only contemplating launching my blog.  It’s been well over 5 years.  I wanted it to be perfect: no flaws in page-loading , no thinking kinks, no plastered smile on my author picture.  Bleh!  My posed pictures always look fake.  I wanted a masterpiece from the start.  Yeah, I know.  (You can relax your eyebrows and wipe that smirk off your face.)  I didn’t want to leave any little holes.  But here’s the problem- contemplation minus action equals life dissatisfaction.

It creates its own ugly hole.

Don’t get me wrong- thinking drives and perfects the action.  It’s needed.  But thinking starts losing power when it loops around in your head in the same circle like a cat chasing her tail.  So, yep, the last 5 years I’ve been chasing my tail and have been short circuiting some brain power from thinking, rethinking, recycle, repeat.

Take a Risk

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, today I’m taking a risk.  I’m taking a chance here and launching an imperfect blog.  Yikes!  There’s going to be a few holes.  Full-fledged guarantee.

And ta-da! Here it is.  My first post.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve spent over a month overthinking themes for the blog, plugins, etc.  Overthinking comes second nature to me but I’m not going to let my looped thinking hold me back anymore.  I’ll probably run a little crooked since I’ve been spinning loops.

We all have pictures in our head about what we want to do with life.  But, until it is hung it does nothing to satisfy you.  Taking a risk and acting on your life plan adds a dimension of beauty that you’ll find nowhere else.  Suddenly the walls in your life have a little more color, a little more interest; a little more pop!

Take a risk, put a hole in your wall today.  Sure, your picture may be hung too high, too low, or a little skeewampus but these things can be fixed.  Go ahead, do one thing today that will get your life’s picture that’s been floating around in your head onto your wall.  Don’t overthink it, just go with it.  Run crooked and hit a few walls.  See if it brings a smile.

But, maybe first put on a helmet.

I’m nailing my first hole in the wall today… welcome to How Perky Works!  Come back for a visit,  I’d love to hear from you.  After today, I’ll post every Thursday.  And yes, I want to hear about  the risk you’re taking today to add beauty to your life!  Leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by!

Christie Perkins

10 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. I love it. Good start. I know how you feel. I keep redoing my blog but some day I, too, hope it will be of value to others. We all have a life mission to pursue and I think one of yours is to share your writing talent and I think one of my missions is to teach my family about their ancestors and where they come from. So hopefully both of us and feel our missions well. I am proud of you for starting. I am looking forward to the next post.

    • I wish I had the go factor you have. You’ve been working hard. Thanks for your encouragement, motivation, and example. You rock!

  2. Girl, you are my hero! You are so inspiring and I am so happy to call you my SISTER! Keep giving us things to think about! I want to make a hole today, I just have to think about what kind of hole! 🙂 Love you!

    • Thanks Sis! You ARE making your mark in this world. Look at you inspiring those kids. They need you. Glad you’re liking your new adventure, you’re absolutely perfect for it!

  3. This is amazing!! To be so gifted with communicating!! Great job and you brightened my day! My hole in the wall – spending time with my husband, impromptu lunch date at his work even though I wasn’t as “presentable” as I’d like to be. I decided I could swallow my pride and share some one on one time with him. Making memories!

    • Thanks Susie! What an awesome “hole in the wall”. I love it! An impromptu lunch with hubby is a great idea for making memories. I think I want to copy you. Thanks for the idea!

    • Natalie, thank you so much! And thanks for always having a smile on your face when I see you- now that’s an inspiration!

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