What are Your Unlikely Gratitude Candidates?

by Christie perkins

Unlikely GratiIt’s a tradition to think about what we are thankful for this time of year. Often the things that we are thankful for are traced back to some reason that triggered our insight. We can rattle off the things that we are grateful for that have given us comfort in our lives. But what about those not so awesome moments. Here’s a few of my triggers for my gratitude. Check out these unlikely candidates:

Tweaked Back.  Every year I throw out my back. I call in my semi-annual visit to the chiropractor. The result: no basketball. Whaaaaaa! Ok, so I love basketball. But, keeping me home from what I love has deepened my love for it. Distance truly does make the heart stronger.

Bad Days. Don’t you love bad days? It only means that there’s some good days ahead. A few bad days make those good days all the more sweeter.

Home Lunches. Recently my kids have been sent to school with home lunches. And let me tell you I would rather scrub a toilet than make a lunch on any day (but not in that order, ewe). It is one of my least favorite things to do. But I’ve had a fond little fuzzy buzzing inside of me as my kids send sun bursts from their body when I tell them that they are having home lunch. Really. Wow. And in this moment I actually like making it for them because they twinkle as they tote off with their lunch pouch. I think it’s their gratitude for home lunch that sparks my own gratitude. So stinkin’ cool.

Money In the Wind Health Procedures. Ok, so I know that I have complained a little too much about this. But, peace of mind literally comes with a price.

Death. This is a tough one. I’ve had a lot of funerals this year. A lot. But, the realization that life is truly too short helps me love a little deeper and be a little better. I cherish my connections a little more than I have in the past. Love and miss you all. Thank you for your amazing examples.

North Facing Lot. So, I worried about this when we bought our house. I didn’t really want an ice skating rink for an entryway in the winter. But, the other day when the sun was shining and faded green grass surrounded the neighborhood- I still had snow. Who else gets to build a snowman on a warm day? And I really don’t like building a snowman on a cold day. Yeah, I’m a wimp. Blessings in abundance on a warm winter day.

Tight Finances. I am much more wise when I’m on a budget. I spend less on things I don’t need and I treasure the simple things. (Like that yummy perfume for $4. Four little bucks. I can’t wait to open that on Christmas morning- yeah, I love a cheap-thrill-deal. Sigh.) I’m a little more balanced because I have less to waste my time and resources on. I appreciate more when there’s less to appreciate. Funny how that works.

Dry, Cracked Feet. Yeah, weird I know. But, I’ve discovered I don’t get sweaty stinky feet. I don’t like stinky feet. And hey, bonus, I have a piece of free sandpaper anytime I need it. Boo-yeah. Don’t be jealous, everyone has some awesome superhuman power.

Gratitude Switcheroo. I’ve had so much more fun with this than I ever thought I would. If you haven’t tried this, it’s not too late. Check out how to do a Gratitude Switcheroo. Adjust it to your own needs- maybe just focus on 5 people. But, do give it a try.

Cancer. My biggest trial has become my biggest blessing. I have gained so much more than I have lost. I’m a better mom and wife. I appreciate the small things in my life. I don’t begrudge the little annoyances. Cancer has drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father. Overall, I am a better person than I used to be… but I guess when you walk with God that’s just a natural consequence. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.

What are some of your unlikely gratitude candidates? Please share, I’d love to hear how your life is a little more awesome because of your unlikely gratitude candidates. Share at least three of yours with your family.

Life is full of perks- especially in hindsight.


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3 thoughts on “What are Your Unlikely Gratitude Candidates?

  1. I love this! It’s sometimes a challenge to find blessings in adversity but they’re always there. Sometimes we have to lookin the rear-view mirror to see them! Thanks Christie!

    • Ah, man! Dishes are definitely an unlikely gratitude candidate (especially when you are sick)!!! Funny what we can be grateful for. Thanks for sharing Nicole!

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