Cancer: Episode 2

by Christie Perkins

Funny how Heavenly Father has been helping me all along.

You know how sometimes you do things and you think that you are helping someone else. You hope and think you are changing the world in some small way. Your impressions to do certain things are so strong and as you follow them you are certain that someone was being helped by you and your efforts.

But then I realized something: this was all meant for me.

Cancer_ Episode 2All of this stressing, and worrying, and thinking, and planning, and writing was all for me. I was guided and prompted… and reminded of the goodness of God. I prayed many times that whoever needed these words on my blog would feel them and benefit from them. Heavenly Father in His goodness and kindness was telling me eternal truths that I felt so passionately about. I prayed that I would reach that one person who truly needed it.

I had no idea that that one person would be me.

Over the last few weeks we have learned that my cancer is back. I’m right in the middle of testing and there are still a lot of questions. But as the words “stage 4” fell from the lips of my oncologist I realized that there was a new life plan for me.

And suddenly I wondered if I was doing the right thing with my life at all. Was I supposed to be writing? Have I wasted over a year of my life pursuing my passion? Was I in line with what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do? These questions troubled me.

I put writing on hold.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. And then one day a friend came to visit me. She talked about my blog and how she could see the transformation that took place in me over this last year through my blog.

And it clinked into place for me. Yes, I would continue to take faith filled steps towards who I would become. And writing was a piece of that.

So… I’m back.

I will continue to write about the goodness of God. How life is so incredibly sweet and good. How every day is a blessing. (And how some days just stink.) And I will see the humor of a day and love it… not wallow in doom and gloom. And I will assure you that God has a plan for each of us and He will uphold you in your difficult times.

I know. I know because these last couple of weeks when I felt as if I should crumble, I have felt a power beyond my own lift and carry me. There are earthly and heavenly angels near to bear and strengthen me. Of that I am sure.

How blessed I am.


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15 thoughts on “Cancer: Episode 2

  1. You are an amazing young Lady! It would be so easy to be down and gloomy, about what has or is happening. I’m sure you have moments as we all do… but to gather yourself and look for the good in these things, drawing from what ever helps you, is an awesome feat and you deserve a great big hug and an atta girl!!! We love you, What is more God Loves you and He has plan for all things. You have my prayers, and deserve Gods greatest blessings, may He grant us our prayers!

  2. Christie, I am so glad to know you! Our meeting eachother wasn’t an accident . . . it was an answer to one of my prayers. But more than that, Heavenly Father wanted to give me a gift. A new friend. A new friend who is one of the most amazing and kind people I have met. A friend who would teach me so many lessons in the 48 hours we spent together. So thank you for being you! And I am glad you are back to writing on the blog.

  3. Oh, Christie you are such a rock star! I am so glad I ran into you the day you had your MRI. When you told me what you were there for, I was so scared for you. You were so inspiring, cute and sweet with my Adelaide who had just had her MRI. I can’t wait to be inspired through your journey. Thank you for sharing. My thoughts and prayers are with you! ?

  4. Christie, you express yourself so well and I relate to your words and your spirit and I see others doing that as well. We KNOW our Heavenly Father loves us beyond measure as we love our own children that we have guardianship over. He knows our life plans. They aren’t always the plan we would choose. You are so strong and I admire you so much! I love you and Scott. You are in my prayers. You’ve got this girl! You can do whatever it takes!

  5. I am sad to here the cancer is back, but thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your journey thru this part of your life with us. Your an amazing person!!

  6. Love you!! I love how you see the blessings in all situations. You are an inspiration. And, even though all this writing g is for you, it has blessed my life. Keep smiling because you are loved by God and lots of us.

  7. Christie if you could only feel the great love we have for you as a family! If one could have a family fan club, it would be you. All your nieces and nephews, brothers in law, sister in laws, aunts and uncles, mother in law and father in law have grown in our testimonies of our Heavenly Father’s love for His children through this great trial that has come to you. Thank you for being so much a part of our life! Thank you for the beautiful family you are raising and for the beautiful wife you our to our son. We love you !

  8. Christie, thanks for your writing. Your wisdom and perspective is valuable to us. I’m sad to hear about the diagnosis and I send you love. Thanks for being you and for sharing yourself through your writing.

  9. Oh Christie thank you for your sweet inspiring spirit, your words have uplifted and helped my faith to increase too. I will pray for you and your family.

  10. Thank you for your blog and for sharing your faith, words and testimony with us! I will pray for you and your family. Our family too has been touched with cancer- my husband was diagnosed with cancer this past november. It has been an extremely hard thing for us. In all of this we have spent a lot of time praying for help and for direction and it has been given to us. I prayed early on that I would be able to see the blessings that we were being given because I know that if I am grateful all the way through this and continue to pray and read the scriptures that our trial will be easier for us to bare. Thank you so much for your blog and please keep writing . Also keep fighting your cancer with faith!

  11. Christie, you are so awesome, I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I have been because you came into my life when I was going through cancer. You are such an inspiration to me and you have such an awesome family. The Heavenly Father is definitely with you in all you do and say! What a beautiful example you are for being such a blessing to others! Even though you have gone through so much you always see the light and blessing in that. Thank you for being that Angel I got to meet because I had cancer! God places people in our lives for a reason and I believe that everyday when I look back at my life!! You are one of those blessings!! Love you dear friend!!

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